Maramu anchor and chain suggestions

James Alton

Hello Maramu owners,

I am not at my boat currently so need some help. Can Maramu owners suggest modern anchors that are known to fit the original Amel anchor rollers on the Maramu? I would like to upgrade from the original Bugel anchor to something with a bit better holding. The Mantus, Spade and the Rocna are of interest to me. I am concerned about the tendency of the anchor to strike the bow when being stowed and how well the anchor stows in the original Amel hardware.

I am also planing to increase the chain length to at least 100 meters. Has anyone switched to high strength (I believe it is grade 80?) 8mm chain to help keep the weight and the chain piles down as compared to the 10mm? I am not concerned about not being able to regalvanize the chain which I understand can weaken the grade 80.

Short term cruising will be Croatia and Greece. Hope to be in the Pacific in 4-5 years and I seem to recall suggestions to consider even more than 100 meters of chain?

Thanks for any insight and suggestions.


SV Sueno
Maramu #220

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