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    There were 41 vessels docked in Bizerte when we arrived in Sept. of 2018.   Monastir was almost full when we arrived and tends to fill up completely later in the season since many cruisers overwinter there due to the favourable winter climate.   

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Hi James
I would like to chaim in
because I knew Tunesia very well. First of all: The Marina some mentioned is Hamamet not Gamamet. The Port name is Port de Jasmine. Monastair is ok even for 54 ft vessels. Quit small. Bizerte is a new marina, but emty, nowbody goes their. I don't now way. Tunesia is becoming a very poor country after the Yasmin Revolution 2011. But! Its a lovely country, specially if you speak french.
Rent a car and go south visiting this country. A lot of old "Römische Ruinen, " better conceives then in Rom
and a lot of fantastic mosaiques in the area of Cap Bon.
have a good time
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    We were in Tunisia Sept. Of 2018.  Bizerte, Kelibia, Hammanet, Monastir.  My wife and I felt safe in all locations.  Monastir has a large number of liveaboards and we met many interesting cruisers.  Marina staff is very friendly and accommodating.  Most things that you need are close by.  We enjoyed Bizerte as well Hammanet is modern,touristy but still nice.  Kelibia is a small fishing port with little room.  We taxied to Tunis (very cheap) to see the Bardo Museum but did not bring the boat.  Officials checked our paperwork at each port and anchoring is discouraged but we did anchor out some. Tunisia has a trash problem but we found the people to be honest and friendly.  If there are any other questions that you think I can answer about Tunisia let me know.  Our boat is US flagged, no issues.  Tunisia apparently was the first country to recognize US indepence and has had good relations.   Best, James Sv Sueno,. Maramu #220.

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I would like to sail my A55 to Tunesia in May and am looking at 2 ports near Tunis.  Sidi Bou Said or Marina de Gammarth.  Anybody have any recent experience with either port?  I’m particularly concerned about safety and space/sufficient water for a boat of this size. My boat is US flagged.  Many thanks for any input you can provide!

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