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On Sun, Mar 10, 2019 at 02:24 AM, hanspeter baettig wrote:
Hi James
I would like to chaim in
because I knew Tunesia very well. First of all: The Marina some mentioned is Hamamet not Gamamet. The Port name is Port de Jasmine. Monastair is ok even for 54 ft vessels. Quit small. Bizerte is a new marina, but emty, nowbody goes their. I don't now way. Tunesia is becoming a very poor country after the Yasmin Revolution 2011. But! Its a lovely country, specially if you speak french.
Rent a car and go south visiting this country. A lot of old "Römische Ruinen, " better conceives then in Rom
and a lot of fantastic mosaiques in the area of Cap Bon.
have a good time
Hi Hanspeter
some corrections are needed:
Nobody was talking about "Gamamet" but about Marina de Gammarth which is in the north of the Tunis bay and newly opened 2 or 3 years before.
Bizerte is also crowded now.
When you wrote about Roman ruins yoou have to point to El Djem where is a large colosseum almost in a better state than the colosseum in Rom, Italy.
In the area of Cap Bon are no mosaiques. You can visit mosaiques either in the Bardo meseum in Tunis or also in the museum in the souk of Sousse.
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