Re: Maramu anchor and chain suggestions


Hi James,

I am running a 33kg Rocna on my Maramu #148 and it fits perfectly:

Never had problems with the anchor dangling to the hull (except for the few occasion when I forgot to haul it in completely after cleaning it and increasing speed to over 3.5 kn).

As for the chain, you shout be aware that with 100m you will have to sort out the chain in the locker when pulling it in, as it will pile up. Regularly my 100m chain will block on the last 10-20m if I do not deal with the pile in the locker in time.

Either stick to 80m or use (very expensive - you need chrome duplex steel in the warmer waters) stainless steel chain. I wouldn't recommend switching to 8mm chain even if it maybe stronger than standard 10mm chain. True, you save on weight, but you also loose the weight where you need it, in the water.

Michael Konz, SY Sioned, Maramu #148

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