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Warren Traill <trailz@...>

Interesting information Olivier. I have another question. My propeller is fixed. And I have no shaft a;ternator.

When I am sailing the shaft continues to rotate.

Is it good practise to engage reverse to stop the shaft rotating if I wish. Or is there some potential for damage?




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Hello Tom,


the prop shaft alternator can work with a MAXPROP. It is a bit tricky, but you should try this:

-while sailing (above 4 knots), start the engine and engage reverse idling

-while your engine is reversing, turn ON the key switch of your alternator

-then set the engine to neutral and stop it

Your MAXPROP should keep the reverse position unless:

a) your batteries are charged enough and the alternator will not oppose much power to the prop, therefore the prop will spin faster and will finally open and the shaft will stop

b) your boat speed is high (while surfing) and the prop will spin faster and will open


Good luck.





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Does anyone in the group use a Max Prop with the shaft alternator I have read that it does work any tricks?

Tom Deasy 

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Thanks Ian. I am struggling to get to grips with the electrical system. The engine/starboard alternator is charging but not sure about the domestic/port alternator and I dont really understand the data my shiney new clamp meter is giving me. I need to read a book I think.





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On my Santorin you have to put the key in and switch on (next to your ameter). The green light comes on. It sends a current to the alternator to excite it and start it charging. You should turn off when finished using it and put your gear lever in reverse to stop the alternator charging before switching on the engine.
I believe the diodes in each of the engine and alternator should prevent any ‘issues’, but that is the prescribed Amel method.
My knowledge of electrics is limited - someone with a better understanding may chip in here.
The Santorin prop shaft pulley is quite a bit bigger too, so will turn the alternator faster. There is a significant drop in prop shaft speed as soon as you turn the alternator on.


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