Re: Maramu anchor and chain suggestions

James Alton


   This is great information, thanks!  I am comfortable with the Med. mooring using the lazy lines but laying the anchor and backing down will be new.  I currently only have 120’ of chain on the boat so I will be ordering new chain with the anchor.  How much chain would you suggest I carry for harbour moorings in Greece?
    We are carrying a chain hook which will hopefully help with crossed lines or snagged anchors and also some kink free floaty line for running a long stern line ashore when needed.  Thanks for all of your helpful suggestions!   If we cross paths, the beer or wine is on me! 


SV Sueno,  Maramu #220

On Mar 12, 2019, at 6:27 AM, amel@... wrote:

Hi James,

while there are some anchorages in Greece where weed can make it a bit of a problem to anchor on first attempt, there are usually enough sandy patches among the weed where you can drop your anchor. Most of the time the water is clear enough to spot them easily. And where the water is too murky you don't have to fight weed in my experience. And for the last four years in Greece I had never my anchor slip after it dug in - unless someone pulled it out with his anchor, which will eventually happen in a harbour, as moorings with lazy lines are rare in Greece.

Michael, SY Sioned, Maramu #148

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