Re: Hawse Pipe Replacement

Thomas Kleman

Thanks to Mark for agreeing to post some pics for me. Today I installed my epoxy resin hawse pipe header/fillet under the windlass. The throat fits in my 4 inch PVC pipe, and it has a wide fillet for the back starboard windlass bolt, which now needs to be longer due to the 10 mm height of the fillet. It's held by 7 screws and half a tube of 5200, as well as the windlass bolt. The residual glassing from the original Amel hawse pipe made it difficult to get the mounting site perfectly flat; the windlass wires complicate getting a grinder in there. Eventually a wood chisel did the trick.

Since my crafter side is activated now, I'm going to make an epoxy resin sacrificial insert for the pcv pipe mounted where it exits the floor to help it last a bit longer. 

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