Re: Bow locker floor replacement.....

Thomas Kleman

Wow kent- timely message for me. I cut a small access port in the bottom of chain locker gratingĀ  where mud accumulates and have covered it with starboard I can remove for periodic vacuuming. But now the key issue- how to I get access to chain locker ? A port cut in the bow locker would have to be fairly big. Does this impact structural strength ? How about making the whole starboard floor float on rubber gasket and screw down ? But remaining fiber glass lip would have to be beefed up to allow for attachment. Thumbscrews ? I need a few days in air conditioning to figure this out and noodle on the ideas of other Amelians.

After reading your post and seeing my locker up close and personal, not having access is not an option for me. I need to know I'm not toting around alot of mud and 600 lbs of rusty chain.

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