Re: Maramu anchor and chain suggestions


Hi James,

yes, I will try out Toms solution. Will need probably some rod to help push the first 20m chain forward in the locker.

As for the chain shackle for the snubber, I am using this one:

I don't think there will be any chance of it coming loose unexpectedly. I am also using just a standard quality shackle to connect the chain to the anchor. Not a fancy swiveling one. I don't deem those to be necessary and they are a weak point, and you normally cannot check the swivel for corrosion. But opinions differ about this topic.

Using a snubber is always a good idea and I cannot understand the people not using one. Just keep in mind that a snubber has a maximum extension, too. If that is reached in heavy weather you are back to the point where any additional force will reach the anchor unmitigated. But then there is not much else you can do at that point but pray.

I took the 13kg for the 8mm chain from catalog data. I think it might depend on the actual material used.

Michael Konz, SY Sioned, Maramu #148

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