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Welcome to our group! I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.

I have been thinking about your question and trying to formulate a short easy answer, but regrettably I have failed.

There are so many things to consider like:
  1. The definition of "well cared for." I have been on an Amel that was reportedly "well cared for," but it really was not well cared was abused.
  2. The fact that boat builders didn't really figure out how to combat osmosis until the mid 80s...Amel was the first.
  3. The high probability that over the years and owners, that Amel has been modified, maybe right, maybe wrong
I think that the very best thing that could happen is that you have someone who has owned this vintage of Amel at your side as you inspect the boat. You might be surprised. I have found most members of this group willing to help when they can. Maybe your posting can be a little more forward and get specific about the Amel that you are considering and where it is located. There may be a member of this group with that vintage experience and willing to provide more. There may even be a member who is familiar with that specific Amel.


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On Wed, Mar 13, 2019 at 4:50 AM DavidS <stalrozenhof@...> wrote:
Hello, I'm new to the forum so i want to appologize if I post in a wrong group.
The question I have is: I am interested in buying an Amel Euros 41, build in 1975, well taking care of for all these years. But I'm curious if there are some specific points that have to be looked after. I have a general idea what to check out but it is a general idea suiting all sailing vessels.

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