Re: Gross tonnage on SM

Craig Briggs

Here's what's been reported on this thread.
  • Denise on CARA, a SM, has 26GRT  /  23NRT
  • Eric on Kibelite, a SM  has 28 GRT / 25 NRT on his US Documentation but that was done by Amel (French numbers?)
  • Bill Rouse reports SM as 27 GRT / 24 NRT
  • Craig's Sangaris, a SN has 31 GRT / 28 NRT
  • Ian on Ocean Hobo, a SN  reports 18+ "gross tons" and 15 1/4 "net tons"  (definitely not USCG format); plus 12.3M length, not the 14M actual. 
  • Olivier reports SM as 30.14 in France, 33.24 Gross / 23.25 "Register" in England
  • And the smallest boat of all is Jamie's Amel 54 at 23 GRT and 20 NRT
So there you have it - in the Amel fleet, the biggest boat is the Santorin, the Super Maramu is somewhat smaller and the tiniest one of all is the Amel 54.
My only definite conclusion is that the government bureaucrats live by "garbage in - garbage out" with no concern for accuracy.  Frankly, in the recreational market the number really is of little consequence and it's good our tax dollars are not going toward trying to make this accurate. 
I do have to give it to Ian for saving on his dock fees with that short Santorin, although I have heard that fiberglass shrinks a lot when immersed in water.

Cheers around,
Craig Briggs SN68 Sangaris 

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