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I had this stern arch made by Nick in Grenada. (TechNick Ltd SIMS Boat Yard) I showed him an example of the Emek arch and we discussed it. We tried flexing it by hand and it wobbled a lot. Nick said that if you use a twin tube design it will be much stiffer. This is like foam sandwich construction on a hull rather than single skin, which is vastly stiffer (although with hull design there is water ingress between the skins to worry about, but that is a different story). Nick built this arch for me and it is great and does not wobble at all, even in  rough weather  or in between the islands in a solid wind with dinghy hoisted. The point is that the twin walled pipe is connected one to another with short little struts. In my opinion it greatly stiffens the whole structure.


Amelia (Aml 54 019) currently  ashore in La Palma Canary Islands but sailing to Greece this May.

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That sounds great, José, that Atlantic will add stiffeners. And, yes, leg-out pre-tensioning is what I did and what Atlantic's instructions said - a ratchet-strap is needed to pull the legs together to get them into the preinstalled deck mounts, although that's a finicky process and a rubber mallet helps.
Good luck with it,
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