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I wonder if the wear on the rack is at the same spot where the Raymarine autopilot switches back and forth between port and stbd in light conditions. The older 400G autopilot had an abrupt switch from port to stbd. This was switching "smoothed out" in the software with the Raymarine 3G and later models. How long did you have the Raymarine 400G autopilot computer?

Regarding the Rally, I have changed you from Possible to No. I do not yet have the boats stopping in St. Martin, but when I get them, I will be sure to let you know.

Thanks for those photos...I did not have any of a failed rack.


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Hi Bill,

Unfortunately we will not be able to join the rally.

Is anyone going to be in St Marten 3/26-April2?


Also, FYI and your book and the new website , I have attached a few photos of my steering rack.

When I was in Martinique, I asked Amel to check my steering. They disconnected the cables at the quadrant and the wheel turned smoothly. They said everything was 100 %.


However when sailing up to St Maarten, the steering was under load, there was the same  clicking noise that became louder. When I got on island I took the racks and pinion apart and this is what I found. Fortunately , I had a new rack to change out the damaged one. I do not know what caused the problem as the steering pinion was like new.

Fair Winds


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Kent and Iris,


As it turns out almost nothing has changed...someone else was just added to the Rally, so the count remains the same.


I said almost nothing because I am sure that you and Iris will be missed by everyone.


The updated web page can be viewed here: Amel Caribbean Rally




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Hi Bill and all Caribbean Rally Amelians.

We are sorry to tell you that we have to go back home before the Rally and will not be able to attend.  We were really looking forward to meeting you all and seeing your beautiful Amels.

Alas, perhaps another time.

Bill, will our pulling out at the last minute like this cost anyone anything?  If so, we’d like to reimburse for what ever inconvenience it causes.

Kent & Iris

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