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There is probably not an easy solution to the problem with 54 sound insulation. When Amel started producing the 54, they decided to change material from the charcoal colored un-coated egg-crate-cut foam used in the Super Maramu to this new material. This new material used in the 54 looked great when new, but unfortunately, the nice looking black film coating on the foam deteriorates with time. I am not sure what causes the deterioration, but obviously it was the wrong choice.

I asked Amel SAV about this issue for my 54 clients. I was told, "
The black film of the insulation foam is a cosmetic finishing and protect the insulation foam from degradation. When this film or foam starts to peel off there is no other choice that to replace the section affected or to reglue on it an another thin foam sheet . Depending the place this operation is not easy to perform as the foam is fitted prior any equipment is installed in engine room. The foam is glued originally with some neoprene (glue)."

What Amel is saying that you have to remove all of the equipment in the engine room to do a replacement of the insulation, and even then, it is difficult for the untrained person. Although it is not a perfect solution, peeling off the film  from the foam may be the best thing you can do without removing almost all of the equipment.


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On Fri, Mar 15, 2019 at 7:45 AM Martin Bevan <Martin.bevanhome@...> wrote:
The black covering on the engine room sound proofing on my 54 has peeled off in a number of patches. Has anyone experience of successfully repairing this without replacing the complete sound proofing?  

I think I remember seeing something on this years ago but cannot find it in the group. 

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