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Depth is not a huge concern in the Exuma Islands but you do need to plan the routes carefully to avoid the shallow areas. We used the Explorer Guide and Chart Books. We found them to be very accurate. They show the best places to anchor and mark areas know to have good holding.  See if you can buy the Exuma Islands one used from a cruisers who is heading east to the Caribbean.


Keep in mind, the Bahamas have about a 3’ tide. If you are doing a channel marked as 7’, do it on a rising tide and you will not have issues. Also, the bottom is soft sand. So, if you do bump it’ll not damage much – mostly ego. We did two seasons in the Bahamas and never touched the bottom. In fact, I don’t think we sailed in less than 10 feet. It is sort of interesting to sail all day on the leeward side of the islands and never see more than 15 feet of water. It is fun to anchor there. Cindy would stand on the bow and give me a thumbs up when we were clear of grass and then she’d watch the anchor set in the sand. You can always see the bottom on the leeward sides of the islands.


You’ll need to be aware of a phenomena know as rage. This is when the tide is falling (water falls off the shallows and flows to the east) and is in the opposing direction of the East wind in the cuts between the islands. It can get very nasty in the cuts. Time your passages between the island cuts.


We loved the Exuma Cays Land and Sea National Park!!! There are fees to anchor or to pick up a buoy. Warderick Wells and Bells Cay are “must do” locations. For Warderick Wells, you need to radio them at 8am the day wish to visit and they will let you know if there is a buoy available (if not they will put you on the list for the next day but you have to check with them each day). Once there you stay as long as you want. Bells Cay is first come first served (stay for as long as you can pay). Waderick has incredible hiking. Bells has some of the best snorkeling and awesome beaches.



People go to the Bahamas for fishing, fabulous beaches, crystal clear water and isolation. It is very possible to anchor in a cove on a deserted island and have a beach all to yourself for days. People do not go there for great food and entertainment. Most stores are sparsely stocked and expensive. Provision well before going there.


BTW – Today is our first day of insurance with Y-Yacht. Thanks for all the info. There are an absolute pleasure to deal with.



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Mark, That’s what I needed to know. Many seem to like the Bahamas,as you apparently do. Should I expect to leave some bottom paint down there ,or is depths not a huge concern.
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