Re: Dual Pre Filters for Fuel

Stefano Biffi

Hi woody I did same last year: rancor double filter. I am far from the boat to tell you exactly the data. Same engine, position behind the two alternators, no problem in the last 85 hours last year.
Where are you and hull number?
N’EVEREST sm 185 in Italy 

Il giorno 18 mar 2019, alle ore 14:46, Alan Woody Wood <woody@...> ha scritto:

Hi guys..
I have a SM'97 with a TMD22-B 
and MDKDP 6,5 KW genset and would like to change the single pre-filter for a (Racor?) dual filter.  I have no idea what the flow rate is or how to calculate it so was wondering what model of dual filter you have switched to and if you mounted the unit higher on the bulkhead to create more space below for drainage? If so, was there a problem with fuel flow from the tank or priming after changing filters?
Thanks in advance.. 

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