Re: Easy way to access the Amel Yacht Owners Group has been provided and paid for by longtime member.


You are welcome.  For years we pointed the domain to the old site.  It, along with is now pointed to the new site.  Data (on the old site) showed monthly "hits" in the hundreds each month, so we knew many owners were using it.  We will keep active for another year at least and indefinitely.  It is a very, very small price to pay for what has been an outstanding resource. 

Let me be a bit sentimental.  Before we bought our first Amel, a Santorin 16 years ago, I spent countless hours scouring the group for information about the reality of owning and operating an Amel and was thoroughly and I mean completely convinced that the Amel was a safe, well thought out cruising boat with minimal maintenance problems and good access to fix anything that needed to be fixed.  I'm happy to report that this indeed has been the case. 

But...our first real introduction to the Amel World (around 30+ years ago) was through the highly informative and well written ads by Joel Potter that appeared in Cruising World (along with other sailing magazines).  Joel did an amazing job of thoughtfully conveying just how good a boat these Amels were and I give him full credit for initiating our interest in these great boats.

Bob and Suzanne, KAIMI Super Maramu 429
Currently anchored in Fort-de-France and about to go over to dinner with newer Amel owners Paul and Lorraine on SM Maracuya

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