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James Alton


   I concur with Joels advice RE the professional tank cleaning.  I am however concerned about the quantity of water that you have removed from your filters, especially given that you have been filtering your fuel. That seems like way too much for condensation.  I am not  sure of where the tank fill is on the Santorin but I would suggest having  a good look at your tank fill O-ring to be sure that it is in top shape.   I replace the O-ring on my tank fill every couple of years and also apply some grease to the O-ring to further improve the seal.  As a simple test for leakage,  you can carefully insert some dry paper towel into the fill, install the cap in the normal way,  wet the tank fill with a pressurized hose, remove the cap and check to see if there is any water soaked into the paper towels.  Just be super careful that you don’t lose the towels down the fill with this test.  The tank vent can also be a potential source of water, if the fuel fill seems fine, I would have a look at the vent.

   Best of luck.  I hope that you find the source of the water in your fuel and can get the tank cleaned.

SV Sueno
Maramu #220

On Mar 18, 2019, at 5:42 PM, Herbert Lackner <herbert@...> wrote:

Hi Amelians,

just started to cross the pacific, after three days without wind, lot of waves and using the engine the water separator and the racor filter have been full of brown water. I cleaned it several times, after an hour it was always full again. I put out maybe 2 liters of brown ugly dirty water and we decided to sail back to Costa Rica to fix that. 

Up to now I never had any drop of water in the water separator, checked this once a year. We always fill up using a water-filter so it might be condensed water.
After changing and cleaning several times now (in shallow water) no dirt comes out, but there might be some more in the tank that is waiting for the next waves.

I do not know what the problem is, I assume that the water is there already since some time, but only when motoring in heavy seas (what we have not done for a long time) it was "shaked" and mixed with the clean diesel.  When we refueled in Golfito I added some Biozid, maybe this "killed" the bacteria and created the dirt...

Our Santorin has no service port for the diesel tank (for me that is a design issue...), so cleaning needs some creativity. Had anyone the same problem, how did you solve that? How to clean the tank to get all the dirt out without service port? 

Did anyone add a service port? 

thx, herbert, SN120, KALI MERA Costa Rica (again)

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