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James Alton


   I have had two sails made by Q-Sails in Hydranet.  The pricing and communication is excellent.  The quality is plenty good for cruising and the sails were heavily reinforced.      We plan to order 2 more sails next season from Q-Sails to complete our inventory.  


SV Sueno
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On Mar 18, 2019, at 9:22 PM, smiles bernard via Groups.Io <smilesbernard@...> wrote:

Thanks very much all
Sounds like I might try a few alternatives to Lee
Craig - yes I did mean uk manufactured. The quote was from Crusader who I think are good and made out as yet unused new Genoa. 
Thanks for the tip about ‘Uk sailmakers’
I’ll drop them a line 

Many thanks 

On 18 Mar 2019, at 17:24, Craig Briggs via Groups.Io <sangaris@...> wrote:

By "UK manufactured" sails, may I assume you mean United Kingdom, not the brand "UK Sailmakers". We've had two sets done by UK Sailmakers, one at their New York loft (actually made in China and finished at the NY loft) and one at their loft in Marmaris, Turkey (actually made at the loft in Marmaris). All have been excellent and very well priced. 
Craig SN68

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