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Agree with below.


I also would have no problem chipping in but that is now and maybe a only group of us willing to do so.

We don’t know what happens 5 or 10 years down the road; although Bill paid for the next 5 years 😊.


As far as the revenue: I leave that up to the guys now managing the site. They are capable enough; no need for me to micromanage in addition to managing/maintaining my boat.


Best Regards Teun

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March 19, 2019 08:44:48



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I think most you that answer NO are answering NO to advertising.


That is not the POLL.


The Poll is advertising on a banner at the top of the help page (Wiki) only and that revenue going to the cost of groups.io.




Bill Rouse

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I tried to write the Poll as something that would be general and the vote would be to do it or not, rather than a vote on which supplier should be allowed.


The group needs runway and stability rather than pitching in here by one or more members.


I suggested the Wiki because you only see that page when you click on it for help.





Bill Rouse

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On Tue, Mar 19, 2019 at 9:39 AM Rink De Haan <rinkdehaan@...> wrote:

I agree with Craig. Willing to pay to keep the site running.



Rink de Haan

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Hi Bill,
I voted "no", only because "ambivalent" was not a choice, but would appreciate a bit more info. 
Seems a pretty limited audience for advertising, albeit possibly an audience that is ripe-for-pickin' and therefore attractive to the advertiser. I do wonder about the ongoing value, however, especially after a few months of the same vendor splashing out on a big piece of the website page - seems it could quickly become "ho-hum" and then annoying.
How much are we talking - I'd be happy to chip in to keep the site clean, and I suspect others would, too.
Who is the advertiser (not sure that needs to be confidential, but you may be).
Craig Briggs SN68 SANGARIS

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