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Glad to help Woody. That’s the one and I have seen it installed on the majority of SM 53’s and 54’s that have Racor dual filters. Some folks go larger, like the 900 and 1000 series for the much larger/able to stop more crud without blockage filter media but I think it is a bit of overkill to go larger.

The longer you own your Amel, the more inclined you will be not to change things. Amel gets it right way more often than they don’t. Leave the filters mounted low so head pressure on a near empty tank will be enough to ‘flood’ the filters and make priming/bleeding easy. Electric lift pumps that get used a time or two fail often and then you are in a bit of a pickle. Everything on a boat needs two things, maintenance AND exercise.  Try it the way Amel designed it and change it only after you have serviced the filters several times. I’m betting you won’t.

By the way although I am a salesman, I have owned three new Amel’s in my name and had several more provided to me by the Amel Shipyard, all used as demonstration boats for the North American market. I know the boats well and performed all the service on them that did not require a specialist. Part of the fun, actually.


Hope this is helpful and enjoy your Amel



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Thanks for that Joel.. is this the model you mean..?

If mounted higher does that mean any fuel in the tank below the filter will basically be redundant without the use of an electric pump? Would it be advisable to add an extra priming pump you think?


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