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Eric Freedman

Hi Bill,

Who is the supplier?

Fair Winds


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Our Amel Yacht Owners Group is hosted on the Groups.io platform. I pay an annual cost for this, which I agreed to cover for 5 years. We were approached by a supplier that many of us have used. This supplier wants to advertise in our group. Almost 30 of us have used this supplier. We are considering allowing this supplier to advertise on the header of the Wiki page. Click on Wiki to view the area. 

I quoted this supplier a fee that is equal to the annual cost that is due to Groups.io for hosting our group, We would only have one supplier advertising and the location of the advertising would be on the Wiki, which is also known as the help page.

Please let us know your feelings on this.

Bill Rouse

1. Yes, I agree if it will pay the cost of hosting
2. No, I do not agree

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