Oil amount for MD22 / Prima M50

Herbert Lackner

after cleaning all diesel filters and before cleaning up the engine room I made an oil / filter change. This time I made sure that all the oil comes out, including the small amount at the bottom (1/4 liter) that the pump does not suck out. according to the engine data sheet the engine needs ~ 6 liters of oil, but when filling in 5 liters I am already above the "high mark" at the dipstick.  With previous oil changes I always thought that the rest of the oil will be somewhere inside the engine, at the bottom where the pump does not reach it. But this time I am pretty sure that all is out. I expected to fill in at least 5,5 liters,

I see the following possibilities:
1.) I have the wrong dipstick?  I have Perkins Part Number 3178E012 (it is printed on the stick).
2.) The data sheet is for the MD22/MD22L/TMD22, but I have the MD22A. Maybe the MD22A needs less oil (hurth gearbox...)...
3.) I would have to check the oil-level without inserting the dipstick complete (like for the gear-oil, but as far as I know the engine oil level has to be checked with the dipstick fully pressed in)

Can anyone with the same engine (Santorin) tell how much oil is needed for a complete oil change inlcuding filter or check what kind of dipstick is there (number, length)
any other ideas?

thx, herbert, SN120, Costa Rica

PS: diesel cleaning project is in progress. I think the water came in through the tank-vent while washing the boat. now all seems to be fine, test-run in waves tomorrow. interesting: the volvo water separator (first element the tank) did not filter out all water, the Racor filter (after the water separator) did that really efficent. Only a small amount of water found its way to the filter on the engine.

thx all for you recommendations and help. update will follow

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