Re: Oil amount for MD22 / Prima M50

Craig Briggs

Hi Herb,
Although your post doesn't seem to mention it, let me assume you did run the engine after the first 5 or so liters so as to refill the oil filter, which takes, say, a half liter or so. Then you may have to add a bit more. Anyway, as a benchmark, I don't get a full 6 liters into my Perkins Prima M50 (same engine) when changing oil. Not to worry.

Also, the Hurth gearbox is totally separate from the engine oil, and, yes, you do put the engine dipstick all the way in. If after running the engine for a few minutes and then shutting it down you've got "Max" on the dipstick, it's Miller's time - relax with a cold one.

As to your water issue, the Volvo (and Perkins equivalent) water separator actually does not filter out any water - it just separates it and then, if there is an accumulation of water, a sensor in the bottom closes a switch and sounds (lights) an alarm telling you you've got water in that separator. If it does fill up it simply passes the water along to the filters - it is just an alarm that, if it works, gives you a chance to remove water before it gets to the filters. Not unusual for the sensor contacts not to activate with water in there, especially with our engines being as old as they are. Clean it out, clean the contacts, and give it another shot.

Cheers, Craig

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