locked Re: Paying for our group through Advertising

Gary Wells

I have slept on this for a couple of days but I find myself stuck and on the idea that in a true sense, having advertisers paying for the expenses of the site is actually "sponsorship" .. and, I am comfortable with that idea because the groups principals have control over how the advertising comes in. 

I see no real reason that relations can't or shouldn't be built with companies that can offer good products and services to our owners.  We would just have to be very mindful that we also need to support Amel in order keep our product support intact.

I'd see it as a growth opportunity for both our group and perhaps for vendors looking to offer semi-custom parts and services that Amel may not offer any more.  I'm also thinking of how things may develop in the long run with things like discounted services, marina fees, etc .

I would not be averse to a "click here to see our sponsors", even on the home page, and a section in the wiki with what we would consider "approved" vendors and descriptions of their scope of services, lists of available parts and reviews from group member customers. 

I echo the sentiment that invasive ads are not welcome and I'll gladly pay up to keep that kind of stuff away.  But being able to search for vendors for specific needs, and whom our members have experience with, seems like a sound idea to me. 

Gary W.
SM #209, Adagio
Tortola, BVI

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