Re: Bow locker floors/hawse pipe replacement project recap


In the meantime, it is possible to delay or prevent having to replace the floors by minimizing  the amount of mold growing on the bottom of the floors.

I do two things.

1, I always open the water-tight door between the front cabin and the chain locker when I am in a marina.  This lets air circulate in the chain locker.

2, Once or sometimes twice a year, I run an ozone generator in the chain locker.  A small but powerful ozone generator costs about $80 as I recall.  It not only kills mold and mildew, it oxidizes rubber—causing it to age quickly.  Be careful where and how long you run it if you get one.   The ozone has a short half-life so you don’t have to  stay away long if you use it inside the boat. 




Miles   S/Y Ladybug, sm216 Le Marin, Martinique

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