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Duncan Hagemeyer

I'm having a tough time learning how to follow and reply to the conversation.  This follow-up is directed to Ian's comment.  He has a great point on having a surveyor that could be  "certified" as an Amel expert that is located over in Europe and here in the western hemisphere.  Again I am not suggesting that this program should be the judge and jury of what any particular boat is worth.  All surveys are based on many factors.  

I will offer this though...some might call it a criticism.  For years I have sort of followed the exchanges on the Amel site.  It occurred to me that this site, if viewed by a prospective buyer - would come away thinking that something is always going wrong with the Amel boats.  Fix this, repair that, and banter about price and who can be trusted to fix it.  Oliver in Guadeloupe did work for me and I found him polite, competent and did what he said he would do.  I should have rewarded him with a Kudo Mon...good job on the web.  I ran into others that were just in it for the buck and shove you off the dock thinking they will not see you again.  I would suggest that the site include more of the good days and good experiences we have had and reward our group with some positive thought that make others want to be an Amel owner..  I personally think the Caribbean has changed and those that are competent and want to earn the right to service our Amel's should also have our site as a forum for selling their services.  Advertising is worthless unless the vendor does more than pay a fee that maintains our website.  It's worse than worthless it cost a boat owner money if they go to the wrong vendor and get screwed.  OK....unless I have an epiphany I'm done.  I do hope that the Amel'ians' grow and prosper and I hope that one day I make one last sail around the Caribbean.  Fair winds to all of you. 

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Actually I just noticed that Gary W has put this idea more eloquently and comprehensively than I.
i agree with Gary.

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