Re: Potential Yahoo Email Problems if you are using a Yahoo! email address #Yahoo

Rick Grimes

Great info. So glad you left Yahoo. It was always confusing—and maddening when out at sea with very slow internet service. 

On Mar 22, 2019, at 9:51 AM, CW Bill Rouse <> wrote:

I hate long emails sent to everyone when the email applies to only a few. This email does not apply to you UNLESS you use a Yahoo! email address to send and/or receive emails from the Amel Yacht Owners Group. If you use a Yahoo! email address, please read the following.

Over half of the Amel Yacht Owners Group members use a Yahoo! email account. Many of these members were forced to add a Yahoo! email account because they wanted to register for our group when we were located at Yahoo!. That requirement no longer exists.

I am monitoring a small, but growing problem with Yahoo! email that you may not be aware of. It seems that Yahoo! is deleting "dormant accounts." Apparently, Yahoo considers an account dormant that has not been "signed in" for over a year. I am told that this has been a longstanding policy at Yahoo!, but only intermittently enforced. It appears that they have begun enforcing the policy. The fact that you send and receive Yahoo! email apparently isn't good enough for Yahoo! at this time. They appear to be considering your Yahoo! email account dormant, if you have not signed into the account in over a year. If an email account continues to bounce, is forced remove the account from the Amel Yacht Owners Group email distribution. They have removed over 100 members from email distribution, and unfortunately, those people are not receiving this email. For more information on why and how this process works, go to 
Bottom line:
Don't panic, if you received this email, you have not been removed. But, if you haven't recently "signed in" to your Yahoo! Email Account with your Yahoo! password and want to avoid problems, I suggest that you go to Yahoo! Mail  and sign in with your password. Unfortunately, I cannot suggest anything else except possibly changing to another email provider. You can use any provider to receive group emails, but personally I would avoid Yahoo!, Hotmail, and Earthlink. Google is probably the best.

If you want to change your email delivery address in the Amel Yacht Owners Group:
  1. Go to
    Note: If you don't have a password already, you will be prompted to create one from the main page 
  2. On the home page for Amel Yacht Owners Group, click on your name in the top right corner.
  3. Click Account.
  4. On the login page that appears, enter your new email address in the Email field
  5. Click the Change Email button.
  6. Be sure to use your newly registered email address to send emails to the group

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