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James Cromie

Thank you Mark.  This is helpful.  Yes, I will need to give a wide berth on the coast of Venezuela.  
Have you (or anyone else on the forum) visited Los Roques?  I presume that this would not be a safe stop at this point in time.  


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Grenada is not impacted by the Venezuela instability, neither are the ABC’s.


The passage from Grenada to Trinidad and Tobago has become a little dodgy. The Coast Guard is asking for float plans of vessels making the passage so they can keep an eye on them. When passage making to the ABCs it is best to give Venezuela a wide berth by departing from a higher island. We departed Guadeloupe for Bonaire. You will also have better winds with this angle.


Grenada offers affordable haul outs as does Curacao Marine in the ABCs. Rates for work done on these islands are equivalent to USA prices. You will not really see lower rates unless you are willing to go to Trinidad & Tobago, Colombia or Central America.



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I'd like to ask the forum for recommendations on safe and affordable locations for storing our boat for 3 - 4 months.  
Martinique is a great option, but there are perhaps better locations for getting work manual labor type jobs done at more affordable rates.  
Grenada seems to be historically a popular place, but I wonder about the current situation with more instability in nearby Venezuela.

Any advice or recommendations is greatly appreciated!

James Cromie
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