Dessalator duo 60 warning light

Alan Grayson

Hi All, I started my water maker for the first time and I have a problem.
i put new membranes in and flushed it with fresh water for about 15 mins. I ran sea water thru it for about 5mins then started to slowly increase the pressure while checking for leaks. Once the needle was in the green it started producing product water but after about 1 min the warning light came on and now nothing runs. I was using the 24v side. I released the pressure knob and even unhooked the pressure lines then tried again. The red warning light came straight on. I reset the 24V breaker in the engine bay and checked the 2 fuses in the control box in the lazarette. I then tried the 220v side and had the same result.
does anyone have any ideas?
Alan Grayson
SV Ora Pai, SM 406
Cat Cay Bahamas

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