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Some random observations:
  1. The pressure knob should be turned all the way anticlockwise when flushing.
  2. It is possible that you have some sort of failure with the 24VDC bypass solenoid
  3. You should not have any waterflow showing in the glass waterflow indicator when flushing with freshwater.  I think it is possible that something is causing freshwater to pass through the tube and V shaped Brine seals to the product water pathway. The possible causes could be damaged V shaped Brine seals, something wrong in the assembly of the membranes, tubes and end caps, or possibly something wrong with the bypass solenoid. 
  4. The most common "Red Light" shutdown is because the high pressure sensor senses too high pressure. This is commonly caused by a defective pressure gauge. In other words, the actual pressure is higher than 50 bar and the sensor shuts the system down. I was supporting a client yesterday with this defective pressure gauge issue. I had him turn the pressure valve to about 1/2" short of the green. His system did not shut down and began making about 60 liters per hour.
  5. Flow indication when the pressure valve is completely turned anticlockwise and flushing with freshwater may be an indication of incorrect orientation of the tube end caps causing the shaped brine seal to be ineffective i.e. oriented the wrong way. It might also be caused by the hoses connected in reversed locations.
Take a look at the attached PDF, which is a page from my book. 

Be very careful because even the slightest reverse pressure (1-2 BAR) through the membranes will damage the membranes and cause them to be ineffective. By reverse pressure, I mean water flowing backwards from the product water output back into the membrane tubes. Unfortunately some people refer to the process of freshwater flushing as "backwashing." It is not. Freshwater flushing flushes the entire saltwater pathway and only the outside of the membranes.

I hope this helps.

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On Sat, Mar 23, 2019, 7:15 PM Alan Grayson <bazgrayson@...> wrote:
Hi Eric, yes I removed both hoses from the membranes and I got water out.
We turned the knob increasing the pressure slowly. We were just in the green and we had product water start to flow, however we had looked away from the gauge when everything stopped and the warning light came on. We can fresh water flush and water flows thru and we have 10 liters  per hour on the flow meter.
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If I understand you correctly you disconnected both hoses from the membranes and the unit still went to the red alarm position. I assume you had no low pressure showing on the gauge, is that correct?

Or do you have low pressure in the green but the alarm light is on .

With the hoses disconnected from the membranes did water come out of either hose?


I went through the entire system last system with a problem  it even stumped  the USA Desalator rep.

I do have the 160, however, I might be able to help if you would reply.

Fair Winds


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Hi All, I started my water maker for the first time and I have a problem.
i put new membranes in and flushed it with fresh water for about 15 mins. I ran sea water thru it for about 5mins then started to slowly increase the pressure while checking for leaks. Once the needle was in the green it started producing product water but after about 1 min the warning light came on and now nothing runs. I was using the 24v side. I released the pressure knob and even unhooked the pressure lines then tried again. The red warning light came straight on. I reset the 24V breaker in the engine bay and checked the 2 fuses in the control box in the lazarette. I then tried the 220v side and had the same result.
does anyone have any ideas?
Alan Grayson
SV Ora Pai, SM 406
Cat Cay Bahamas

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