Re: Long term storage options in southern Caribbean

Ian Park

We sailed from Chagueramas to Grenada just after the pirate attack on ‘White Jumbo’ - a racing yacht.
We had sailed at night, close by the oil platforms. The intelligence at the time was that the Venezuelan ‘pirates’ were being directed from ‘friends’ working on the oil platforms using mobile phones. Advice was to avoid sight of the oil platforms, and to sail at night as the ‘pirates’ could only navigate by eyeball.
Things died down quite quickly due to the efforts of the Trinidad marine Authorities and the US navy aircraft, plus the outstanding efforts of the Ocean Cruising Club Port Officer for Trinidad, Jesse James. A man well worth contacting if you go to Chagueramas.
If you are unsure, get on the internet and see when the last pirate attack was in the area. I guess it may now just be more hearsay than fact.


Ocean Hobo SN96

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