Re: Removing the original Vetus Coupler on SM

Eric Freedman

Hi Dan,

This is how I removed the disk

The 3 bolts worked quite well. It took a bit of time but I did get it off. You will need a number of different length bolts. If I remember correctly the vetus coupling and the shaft are the exact same diameter 35 mm. I had the machine shop cut the opening a few thousands larger. Then it was a very snug fit but easily removable. You have to get a new coupling  from Amel-Amel modified the coupling.


Once you have the engine up to replace the mounts , you need the tool in the photo that I made. It is the aluminum one.

You can then align the Yanmar coupling to the output shaft. The color photos attached shows the tool made by Amel to align the same as my aluminum one.  Mine is much simpler and worked fine. Drawing attached for the machine shop. Once aligned you lift the engine again remove the alignment tool and replace the disk and Vetus coupling.

Its late and I might have missed something , I am also not on the boat..

Fair Winds


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Hoping someone can provide some wisdom for removing what I believe to be the original vetus coupler.  Unfortunately is has gone past its prime and a new one is needed.  That said we have used a wheel puller to remove it, but with no luck.  Before I try a torch or just cutting it off I wanted to get a read from the group.

Thanks, Dan
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