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I think they both are good, but you need to take extra steps if you store in Trinidad because of the humidity. Peaks can arrange for a small air conditioner to be mounted at the companionway and you will still be able to lock your boat. Maybe Dan Carlson can upload a photo of this. You will need to hire someone to check your boat, but Peaks can help with that.

Be careful about anyone at either location who may claim to know Amels. I flew to Curacao to help a client who trusted the yard to service his C-Drive and bow thruster. Both were done wrong. The yard owner/manager will exaggerate his knowledge of Amels and even if he did know what to do, he left an untrained mechanic to do the job. That owner/manager is very convincing. And remember, Curacao has had hurricanes. They had 2 in 2007. We sailed south to avoid one of them and was there for the 2nd one. Both were cat 1 hurricanes. I think it has been a long time since Trinidad had a hurricane. 


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Hi Rainer
Very interesting, thank you.
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Hi Colin, 
I had my SM 6 month in Chaguaramas stores, when I came back I had plants growing on the deck, my bimini was green and I had some mold inside the boat. A year later I had the boat in Curacao which has a much dryer climate. I can not recommend the mechanics in Curaçao, but they do an excellent paint job. If you have work to do on the boat I would definitely go to Peaks, but just for storage Curacao is the better option, your boat will be in a better shape. Trinidad has a very muggy and humid climate.
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Hi Dan

I would be most interested in your current assessment of Curacao Marine in terms of taking care of an Amel SM during haul out and storage compared to your experience at Peake.

We have just had a quote from Peake, and will be writing to Curacao Marine today for a quotation as well to compare prices.

What we are now more interested in is how well they both take care of the boat, as well as return flight costs to the UK from both locations before a final decision.

Thanks in advance
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James, we also stored our SM#387 at Peake Yacht Services from June 2017-Nov 2018.  We were pleased with the yard and the services.  We did not have much work done, but would go back again. We hauled out at Cuacao Marine this past year to position our boat for this current season in the western Carribean. 

Would be happy to answer any more questions.

Regards, Dan and Lori Carlson on sv BeBe, SM #387

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Giorgio - Thank you so much for the info!  I will definitely contact Daniella.  I have heard that there is some concern of piracy / theft when sailing between Trinidad and Grenada or near the Venezuela coast in that region. I believe that air and sea travel has been suspended on the border of Trinidad and Venezuela based on the website.. 

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Hi James, I left for the second year my Amel Sharki from Peake Shipyard in Chaguaramas Bay Trinidad.
The shipyard works like a Swiss watch and all the staff is very helpful.
The prices compared to the various marinas on the islands are much lower and the service it's great.
They have a shipchandler inside and various technicians capable of performing any kind of work.
In addition, Trinidad is practically at the lower end of the hurricane belt and is an event that occurred 3 or 4 times in a century.
In this moment there are 4 Amel in the yard.
Write an email to Daniella, the person responsible for the reservations and get a quote for your boat.
The address is: reservations@...

If you want more info I am at your disposal.
Good luck.
Giorgio Ardrizzi
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Il Sab 23 Mar 2019, 21:19 James Cromie via Groups.Io <> ha scritto:
I'd like to ask the forum for recommendations on safe and affordable locations for storing our boat for 3 - 4 months.  
Martinique is a great option, but there are perhaps better locations for getting work manual labor type jobs done at more affordable rates.  
Grenada seems to be historically a popular place, but I wonder about the current situation with more instability in nearby Venezuela.

Any advice or recommendations is greatly appreciated!

James Cromie
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Colin Streeter
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