Insurance Settlement (from 2014 accident).

Alexandre Uster von Baar

Good afternoon,

As some might remember, in July 2014 while I was docked in a marina in Nassau when a powerboat (insured by Pantaenuis) lost control, panic then destroyed my bow pulpit.

At the time, Cabinet Insurance DeLassee through which I subscribed the Helvetia Insurance recognized I was at “zero fault”, but asked me to accept 50% responsibility because it was not worth to them to hire a lawyer since the damaged were only $20.000…
I first refused, but after 8 months of loosing arguments and pretty having my boat taken hostage, waiting for repair and my visa about to expire, I gave up and accepted the 50% responsibility…

Repair were finished in April 2015.
Ever since I have been reminding them 70% of the amount had been paid.

Finally today I saw pending the last 30%.
That is almost 4 years after the reparations were done (or 4 years 8 months after the accident).

Never give up.

Still unsolved is the total loss following Hurricane Irma in September 2017. I will keep you updated.

Sincerely, Alexandre
Formerly SM2K #289 NIKIMAT

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