Re: Amel SM 2000 in the UK

Scott Brown

Hi Mark & Nicky,

I’m in a similar position, based in the UK and interested in purchasing an Amel, not sure of the exact model yet but likely a SM.

I’m almost 100% sure that there are no SM's here in the UK. 

There are a couple of Maramu’s for sale in London and here in Scotland there is one Amel, a Maramu called Clova based at Ardfern marina. Clova is available for charter through Argyll Yachts.

You’ll be totally amazed when you finally get on board an Amel. They are built like tanks :o)

Your best bet would be a wee trip to the South of France where there are lots of Amel’s on the market and you can see and compare the range. I was initially looking at a Maramu or Santorin but when you get on board a SM, the extra space really impressed me!

Good luck with your search.

Best wishes,


On 29 Mar 2019, at 08:29, Mark Barter <markbarter100@...> wrote:

I have been lurking on this site for a few weeks now because I am almost sure that my wife and I want to buy a Super Maramu 2000. 

I say almost sure because we haven’t actually seen one yet in the flesh. I have watched and re watched many boat tours on YouTube but we would really like to see one for real before we commit to searching for one.

If any SM 2000 owner is in the UK would you mind if we came and had a look? We would be very grateful. Many thanks in advance. 

Mark & Nicky

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