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smiles bernard

Thanks for this Christian

I have two problems I think!

One is the pin wheel 

10mm pin OD as you say - picture attached

So I’d like to fix that 


Could you kindly explain again your solution?

I’m not clear about the 2mm gap you mention and how this works. 

I assume I can get a metal disc cut for a new wheel but I’m unsure how to reattach it to the pin whilst inside the Genoa car. 

Many thanks for any further info you could provide !

The other problem is the actual car itself - the top metal section is wearing thin so I’d like to replace soon too but I will have to remove the car for this so I’m still trying to work out if I can avoid cutting a small end section of the T track ‘T’ profile off. 
Others have mentioned that the stanchions can be moved but I still don’t quite see how as mine are through bolted with no means to move them to port/starboard direction. If others who have done this could advise I would be most grateful. 

Many thanks in advance

Maramu 162

On 29 Mar 2019, at 08:48, christian alby via Groups.Io <calbyy@...> wrote:

Hi there Miles,
Had 2 alm alloy wheels shattered (genoa & jibsheet travellers) already, & given the difficul task of removing the travellers, had 2 wheels cut off at original wheel dimensions,
25 mm OD - 5 MM Thk - 10 mm dia center hole
 then sliced one sector with 2 mm gap to allow the wheel to be inserted back in traveller, under spring.
Works fine until now (fitted since June 2018) & 4 spares ready to cover further failures.
Fair winds

Christian alby - Desirade VIII Maramu 116 - now in Canet en Roussillon

Le ven., mars 29, 2019 à 11:39, smiles bernard via Groups.Io
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Hi there
> My Genoa car pin lifting wheel broke yesterday so the removal of the sheet cars has now become a must do rather than a
> ‘nice to do’ service job
> Some people have suggested to undo the fwd stanchion base and push it aside
> Just to confirm - my stanchion base is bolted through the toe rail and has metal cheeks each side of that toe rail so pushing it amid ships is not an option
> Those who have had success with this - did you push the stanchion fwd? Does this gain enough clearance?
> It looks like it would be hard to push the stanchion fwd but perhaps it’s just a brute force thing and hope it goes back afterwards?
> Many thanks in advance
> Miles
> Maramu 162
> I’ve looked again at the stanchion based
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