Problem with rear state room head holding tank

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Hello All:

I'm having a problem with a leak in my rear state room head holding

The aft head holding tank is leaking into the boat and when I
checked it out I determined that it was coming from a leak in the
pipe at the bottom of the fiberglass holding tank just above where
the flexible hose from below is connected to the pipe. The pipe is
brass I think.

There is a green wire (I assume from the zinks) that was pressed
against the pipe with a hose clamp just below the fiberglass holding
tank. About ΒΌ" of wire was stripped and pressed against the pipe.
On either side of the wire vertical slits/holes have developed a
trough threw the pipe causing the leak. The slits were wide enough
to fit a pin into them and move it up at down. I am brainstorming
ideas as to how to seal the slits but I was wondering how this could
happen and maybe I should be checking other similar type connections
elsewhere on the boat.

Has anyone else had a similar problem and what do you suggest as a
corrective measure?

Jim and Linda DeSalvo, SM 207

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