Re: Amel SM 2000 in the UK

Keith Carter <keithcarter88@...>

Hi Mark and Nicky

My SM 2000 is also an Easyjet flight away in Kos.  She is for sale owing to an injury (otherwise I’d be sailing her now!) and on the hard - so you could see the super-safe underwater configuration too. I was once saved from a ‘cruiser-racer’ which lost its unsupported rudder mid Atlantic and so can attest to the wisdom of the skeg, and in 5 years sailing Guma never experienced anything wrapping around the prop, sited in a great protected place and furnished with a spurs rope-cutter. 
Yep, like everyone else on this site I have drunk the Kool-Aid - but it’s all true! Amels are great, and the SM2000 is probably the best they ever made - before Henri's influence dwindled. 

Kind regards

Keith (SM2000 261 GUMA)

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