Re: Anchor Chain

James Alton

There are some concerns about hydrogen embrittlement which can weaken the chain when regalvanizing. This is more of a concern with the higher strength chains such as the grade 70. While I used to think that the primary risk was from the heat removing the temper this issue is primarily related to the acid etching process. Media/sandblasting is a safer way to prepare the chain than using the acid though apparently at least some acid etching is usually done to help prepare the surface. Practical Sailor did some regalavanizing testing not too long ago where they loaded samples of chain to failure before and after regalvanizing. The results were interesting with essentially no difference in strength before and after even with grade 70 chain so apparently if done correctly this might be an option. I have decided to go with hi tensile grade 70 chain which I have heard can not be safely regalvanized which is what initiated my recent research and discussion with an engineering friend. If there is any doubt I will just replace my chain when the time comes. It is encouraging that others have been happy with the regalvanizing results

SV Sueno
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Thanks for the heads up on re-galvanizing the anchor chain I was concerned it might weaken it thanks Tom Deasy Amel Maramu number 125 1983

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