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Thanks for the offer, Jim.  I'm actually in Hickory, NC.  Will take the boat to S.FL this winter, sail her in keys and Bahamas till hurricane season, then up to Chesapeake and north for the Summer.  I will be going to TX after Christmas in hopes of getting her ready to go south by the first week in Jan.
I'm all ears about what you've done to improve Pao-San.  Anything you'd care to share by internet or phone would be great.  Would you rather I call you?  When's a good time?

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Dear Kent

I assume you live in the North Texas area-----I have owned a Super
Maramu (Pao-San) #88 since 1999 and live in Arlington Texas. If you wish
to get together some time mutually acceptable I will be pleased to share
with you what I know about the boat. Since I purchased it, I have sailed
about 30,000. miles and invested in substantial improvements to the
boat. Presently the boat is in Norfolk Virginia getting prepared for a
year long trip to the Med. in May 2009.
My office number is 817 288-2600.
Best Jim Dernehl

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Ahoy, Amel Family. New member here, just bought 1999SuperMaramu on
Lake Texoma. Trucking to Galveston this mo. and trying to get her
ready to go south by mid Jan. She needs a new set of sails, and I'd
like some opinions on what was recommended by Banks Sails Gulf Coast
after talking to Amel. He said that a 145% genoa was recommended for
anything up to 30kts of wind, and a smaller headsail ~110% for steady
winds of 20+.
145% genoa sounds like a LOT of sail. I was wondering if those you who
are sailing SuperMaramu' s are using this configuration and what you
think of it. If you're using something else, what?, and what are the
conditions your sailing in? I was thinking something more like 120-
130% genoa???

I'm going to need some hand-holding for a while, you'll probably hear a
lot from me in the coming months.

thanks in advance for your help.
Kent Robertson

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