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Hi Barry,

You will need to make up a long extender to a 32mm socket (I think).  Just buy some mild steel rectangular tube and get a welder to put a T bar at the top and shape the bottom to fit the socket, such that it comes up to where you can put a bit of force on it.  Then you can undo the nut.  I suggest you get an aqua-vac to suck out all the water at the bottom of the bilge first. Then either buy a copper strip or use a piece of say 28mm copper pipe and hammer it flat and drill a hole in it it to fit over the keel bolt stub. There you have your new copper bonding strip. At the top end make sure you cut off the old wire an inch or two and put new terminals that you can bolt to the strip.


Amelia AML 54-019 

On 2 Apr 2019, at 16:30, Barry Connor via Groups.Io <connor_barry@...> wrote:

I have a problem with my keel grounding strap. Any help and advise would be greatly appreciated.
After cleaning out my bilge I saw the earthing strap was broken at the bottom. Rudi (Amel 54 "Wasabi") who is also at Marina di Ragusa has the same problem on his 54. I can see the keel bolt with a nut holding whats left of the strap where it attaches to the keel.
I contacted Amel Hyeres and they do not have a replacement for this copper strap.
Can anyone advise what would be the best and simplest way to go about reconnecting this grounding strap. I can not reach the nut on top of the keel bolt to take off the top nut. I can make out that their is a nut underneath which is holding the keel bolt firmly.
My thought is should I get copper strip or use a heavy gauge copper wire?
Is it possible to get a tool to reach the keel bolt to take off the nut?
The broken strap is still in water at the bottom of the bilge, would this work to make the grounding, and then I would not need to replace the strap? (This is probably a very bad idea, but tell me why as we need to know)
If anyone can advise me and Rudi as to  how to reconnect our broken grounding straps we still have a few weeks before leaving here.


Barry and Penelope Connor
"Lady Penelope II"
Amel 54. #17
Marina di Ragusa. Sicily <Amel 54 _17 Broken earth_grounding strap .pdf>

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