Re: Dessalator shuts down for no apparent reason - CAT Pump Modification for less than 160 liters

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I do believe Arno is right about the motor overheating. I changed over to using the 230V motor and that got very hot and then came to a halt. So I am puzzled about what it is about the new pump that is causing both motors to overheat. Could it be belts too tight? I allow for about an inch of depression in the middle. Could it be too much oil in the pump or the wrong kind?


I do not think it is any of the possibilities you mentioned Bill as the red light dos not come on, the pressure is normal, and the water seems fine.





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You might want to check with Dessalator. I think the 3 common reasons for shutdown are:

  1. Over Pressure - Sometimes caused by a faulty pressure gauge, or a pressure sensor
  2. High TDS - What is your measured TDS of the product water?
  3. Lack of water flow - check everything from outside your boat to the HP pump (the line from outside through the valve to the strainer, hoses, all the way to through the pre-filter

I believe that all of the above will show a red light. Of course it could be other things.


I hope this helps you find the issue.


CAT Pump Modification on Dessalator Systems less than 160l:

This is the first time that I heard that Dessalator removes a piston on the CAT HP pump in order to reduce the flow for systems less than 160 liter. I find this very interesting and those who have purchased a CAT HP pump for Dessalator systems less than 160l from sources other than Dessalator, should take note. Paul, if you could, could you post anything else that you have on this subject.




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On Sat, Mar 30, 2019 at 8:29 AM Paul Dowd and Sharon Brown <yafohi@...> wrote:

Hi all,

I have a Dessalator 100 Duo and have just installed a brand new CAT pump supplied by Dessalator (i.e. with the centre piston removed). I use the 24V motor. All seems to be working well except that now the watermaker shuts down for no apparant reason after about half an hour. The red warning light does not go on, and the breaker does not trip. If I restart it after a short while it shuts down again within a few minutes. If I leave it until the next day it runs for about half an hour then shuts down. I changed the pre-filter but still the same thing happens. This only started happening after about 6-7 hours of use after having installed the new pump.

I would be interested to know if anyone has experienced this problem and if so how it was fixed. .

Ya Fohi - Amel 54 #98

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