Re: Copper earthing/bonding strap broken in bilge on Amel 54

James Alton


I also need to replace the bonding strap on my Maramu and took Bill’s advice to purchase some 1/8” x 2” copper. I think that using the thicker copper is a good idea and should make the strap less vulnerable to damage from bilge cleaning and corrosion. Since I am not at my boat currently I scaled the drawing for the Maramu and determined that the copper strap length should be around 55-60” so I purchased a 5’ pc. I will post the exact measurements once I have done this job on Sueno. Perhaps someone else that has done this job on a Maramu can confirm the required strap length and also the size of the nut on the aft keel bolt holding the strap.

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Sent from my iPhone Bill do you have information for the bonding strap on a 1983 Maramu thanks Tom
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