Battery Replacement 2019

Alan "Woody" Wood

'afternoon folks..

I flicked through the forum for the latest info on battery replacements for my SM 1997 but seems the topic hasn't come up for a while.. and I know battery technology has moved on a bit in the last few years as well as the Chinese flooding the market with unfamiliar brands. Forgetting Lithium for now (too expensive!) what brands/sizes/makes are SM owners currently replacing their banks with?

We're wintering in Spain where Varta and Vetus seem to be popular brands and can be ordered quickly and cheaply from SVB Marine. 

(We currently have 8 x 90ah Victron gels and 1 x Bosh S5 100ah for engine and a Mastervolt 24/100-3 charger. We're also currently installing 735w of solar with a Victron 100/50 controller - not sure if that makes any difference!).

Cheers for now

SV Haddock SM #189

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