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eric freedman

Hi Bill,

I made that coupling alignment tool. If you would like the drawing of it I will be happy to send it to you .

There is also a trick to remove the coupling as it is the exact same diameter as the input shaft of the C drive.

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A client of mine recently replaced the Rubber Bushings inside his Vetus Coupling. His SM Yanmar had 4500 hours and zero vibration. Please look at the Rubber Bushings which were removed. It is estimated that within a few hundred hours, there would have been serious problems.



I recommend that you seriously plan on replacing these rubber bushings (Vetus K018 Bushing Kit) beginning at 3500 hours. Be careful because this job really requires some experience in realigning the engine/transmission/C-Drive. If you are in the Caribbean I recommend Didier at La Marina du Marin. Contact: Didier Lohezic <vaguesca"at"> Mobile +596696815722. If you do not use Didier, I recommend that you source the Amel alignment coupling blank seen here:


You will likely replace the 4 bolts and nuts with: 

  • 4 each 10mm diameter, 9cm long threaded studs 
  • 8  nylon-insert lock nut 
  • Specify for the studs and nuts: Hardened Steel (Grade 8 in the US and normally black in color). 




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