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I believe that Amel SAV response has been changing over time, probably because they are not 100% sure. And, I am not sure because possible the assembly has changed over time. SAV told me that it should fit on a SM hull that is between 325 and 335 (I give a range because the SM owner is a client). Additionally, SAV said that there may be some installation difficulty, but not impossible.

That is all I know. My information is 5 weeks old. Most likely SAV has additional information.


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On Fri, Apr 5, 2019 at 12:12 PM Donato Valente <ing.d.valente@...> wrote:
Bill, following your advise I’ve asked Amel  whether the new design is suitable on the SM2000 #468. And the answer was negative. I’ve then called the producer, who confirmed that the adjustments should be very easy. 
So far we didn’t buy yet, but we think that there’s no other solution. 
All the best

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Il giorno ven 5 apr 2019 alle 16:13 CW Bill Rouse <brouse@...> ha scritto:

The price Amel quoted is 416.24€ plus freight. It is my understanding that Amel is shipping this new caliper now, but I do not know how much inventory they have.

I agree, I like the design. I spoke with Thierry regarding the fit and ease of installation. He said that he could not be 100% sure of the ease of installation, but he assured me that it would install. It is made by the same company that made the older design on your boat. If I were you, I would ask Amel SAV directly, as the answer may have evolved in the last 2 months.

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It looks very nice. What was the cost from Amel?

I have some parts waiting to get put together at Amel for shipment. When do you think this assembly will be shipped. Is it for the Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu?

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Porter, et al

I have been waiting to respond because there were some things developing.

Amel recently quoted a new and improved caliper assembly to one of my clients who originally ordered brake shoe assemblies. I added a photo of this improved calipher here:,,,20,2,0,0

From what I understand from Amel this will be used going forward and that the pads and other parts for the old caliper may not be available anymore. I also understood from them that they were not sure of the difficulty in installing this new part.

I like the design of the new part. As soon as my client installs it, I will post whether there were and difficulties.


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