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Hi Ryan,

I like Locktite 542 or if you can’t find it try the regular red Locktite. However it is difficult to remove the red Locktite.

The threads must be absolutely clean , I would clean the machine screws with lacquer thinner and also the internal threads. Did they use machine screws or allen head cap screws?


With respect to the prop shaft. There should be NO side to side movement of the shaft. Possibly he was speaking about the prop blades.

If they wobble you need to overhaul the prop, if it is an autoprop.

Fair Winds


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Hello again,


When we were in Le Marin, we had a bunch of work done on our genoa furler -- Amel rebuilt the gearbox, Caraibe Greement replaced the forestay, etc.  One of the things Amel did (unasked) was they drilled out the rivets connecting the gearbox to the furler extrusion and replaced them with machine screws.  Three times now we've had these screws fall out while under sail.  I emailed Alban at Amel Caraibe and he suggested using LocTite.  I've tried blue LocTite on them to no avail.  I'm considering installing a hose clamp around the outside so they physically cannot back out.  Has anyone else faced this issue and come up with a solution?




Ryan and Kelly

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