Re: Vetus Coupling - When to Service and Replace Rubber Donuts - Warning

Jamie Wendell

Didier just replaced the coupling on my Amel 54. One of the bolt heads on the shaft brake sheared off leaving just the bolt behind. Luckily it did not come out completely, as that would have destroyed the gearbox and probably my relatively new engine. The Vetus coupling appeared just as in the photo - broken rubber and a couple of the bolts inside were actually sheared off. Had I gone even another 10 hours - well who knows. I saw the bolt-head in the bilge and knew something was not right. I watched it constantly until I arrived in Le Marin.

Didier at Le Marin Martinique is absolutely the best of the best. He replaced everything, which required him to lift up and slide the engine back, remove the gearbox, and even the inner part of the C-drive. A lot of work and all the time he was very calm and joking about the whole thing. Again, I cannot ask for better service and very reasonable costs, although you must pay him in cash.

He replaced all my engine mounts a couple years ago and was just as great then.

I am now a happy camper.

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