Re: Companionway Door Seal - New Photos Album & Photos

Gary Silver


I purchase most of my supplies from Aircraft Spruce

This is what I used:  The fiberglass insert is really fiberglass woven material laminated into the silicone for added durability.  I worried a little bit about this as water can wick into the cut edge but so far not a problem.  It also comes without the fiberglass and it would probably be ok as well.  I will be aboard in about 5 days and I will see if I can track down my dimensioned drawing of the wedge I had cut from teak. 

Silicone 1/8 " x 3 " x width of the door seal.  PN 05-00771-3   $5.35/ft.

Gary S. Silver
s/v Liahona 
Amel SM 2000 #335

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